All about waterproof flooring

For those that truly want to protect their floors and foundation, a waterproof flooring installation could mean more than you think. It’s like a shield for your flooring, making sure water damage is never an issue, but it’s far more than just that. This line of flooring materials is home to some of the most gorgeous, durable, and long-lasting floor coverings that you could possibly hope to find. In fact, there will be no trouble matching your existing interior design elements and decor. You’ll love the versatility you’ll get from one material.

LG Kramer Flooring makes sure you are completely satisfied with your products and services. That’s because we do more than simply give you a floor covering and send you on your way. We seek to offer you all the answers to your questions, including the why’s, how’s, and what-ifs. Education is a key component in understanding your floors, and we make it simple for those looking for flooring installation in Lakewood Ranch, FL, Bradenton, FL, Sarasota, FL, Longboat Key, FL, and Parrish, FL. We invite you to stop by our Lakewood Ranch, FL showroom, where our associates will be ready to get your project started.

When only waterproof flooring will do

Sometimes, you simply want a little something extra when it comes to your new flooring installation, and waterproof flooring makes perfect sense. Not only will you find a variety of materials to choose from, which offer extensive decorative possibilities, it also guarantees that water damage will never be an issue. Even in basements, laundry rooms, children’s rooms, and bathrooms, repetitive moisture, dampness, humidity, spills, and accidents will have no bearing on the performance of your floors. Installing waterproof flooring in your Lakewood Ranch, FL home is easy, especially if you’re taking advantage of a professional installation service. We advise no less, as novice mistakes can undermine the overall effect of complete protection. These floors will perform for many years, especially if you make sure to ask for the material with the longest lifespan. Some natural stone products are waterproof and can last for more than 100 years, for example. The even better news is that waterproof floors make just as much sense throughout your entire home as they do in areas where water damage is very possible. You never know when the kids are going to spill something in their bedrooms or the hallway, and spending too much time away from home can lead to pet accidents from even the most well-behaved fur babies.

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