Installing tile flooring makes perfect sense for any home

There are so many reasons to consider tile while shopping for your next floor covering. These floors add a depth of character that is hard to beat, bringing elegance to even the most mundane of spaces. It’s very durable, withstanding commercial-level traffic, and has an excellent lifespan that can reach 50 or even 100 years with proper care and maintenance. Few who have these floors installed ever come to a place of regret, but rather the opposite. LG Kramer Flooring not only provides a wealth of floor coverings, related products, and necessary services, but we also provide a knowledge base from which you can base your flooring decisions. You should know why the materials you choose are going to be a good fit when you leave our Lakewood Ranch, FL showroom. Those in the areas of Lakewood Ranch, FL, Bradenton, FL, Sarasota, FL, Longboat Key, FL, and Parrish, FL already know they can trust our associates to match them with the perfect material. Won’t you be next?

Tile is a material that’s not likely to let you down

Tile flooring materials have been around for thousands of years. Used in some of the most prestigious buildings in the ancient world, they still offer the same elegance, durability, and lifespan that made them popular to start with. While porcelain is made with higher quality clay and gives the best looking natural appearance, ceramic is a great choice for brightly glazed designing materials. These can be used to create gorgeous decor elements from the simplest to the most eclectic features, and everything in between. Commercial applications are some of the most popular uses for tile, but that same durability can come right into your home through the same materials. Of course, design options will be much different. For instance, you can easily create amazing mosaics featuring differently sized pieces, in different formats that can be as small as a stamp you might use to mail a letter. Smaller tiles are a great addition to smaller rooms, especially bathrooms because the extra grout lines offer more stability and slip-resistance. The installation of ceramic & porcelain tile can be a tricky endeavor. Special tools are necessary, as these products are extremely dense, hard, and quite prone to breakage. Installers with no experience can quickly and easily run over budget, simply from having to replace broken pieces, so you don’t want to take any chances.

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