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What does tongue-and-groove mean in hardwood flooring?

Tongue-and-groove hardwood flooring is a product that fits together piece by piece. Nails and adhesives aren't used for every piece but around the perimeter.

Understanding this type of installation makes your floor shopping so much easier. In addition, you'll understand the process better to know whether it's best for your home.

What is tongue-and-groove hardwood?

This installation method allows for two floorboards to connect with some flexibility. In addition, wood flooring has a reputation for flight expansion and contraction, which helps.

There is a tongue on each board of these wood floors on one side. The other side has a groove. The boards fit like pieces of a puzzle creating a nice, solid seam.

Tongue and groove benefits

Since this method uses fewer nails and glue, the installation moves along faster. In addition, a water-tight seal is possible with the proper coating, but only with site-finished materials.

It's an excellent choice for various species types and board widths. You can even choose the same unique installation layouts like herringbone and chevron.

For solid wood only?

Both solid and engineered wood floors offer the tongue and groove installation option. We'll tell you what you can expect with each one, depending on your wants and needs.

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