Water resistant and waterproof flooring: Are they the same?

Water resistant and waterproof flooring: Are they the same?

One of the most often asked questions regarding waterproof vinyl flooring is whether it's the same as water-resistant flooring. Unfortunately, the answer is no, although they share some of the same qualities that could be important in your home.

Learning how they differ is worth your time if you're facing the need for waterproof flooring. Here are some facts that could help you choose the perfect materials for the best protection.

When you need protection

Homeowners should always opt to avoid water damage at every opportunity, especially when it comes to flooring. One of the best ways to do this is with waterproof flooring, which offers 100% protection in every room.

Water-resistant materials offer some protection against spills, dampness, and humidity, but only for up to 72 hours. They work in households where you can quickly clean up messes and moisture to avoid any potential damage.

What does waterproof flooring offer?

Waterproof flooring offers stunning visual options, including products that mimic natural wood, stone, and porcelain tile. However, thanks to authentic patterns, textures, and colors, your guests may never know it's not real.

If you need protection against scratches, scrapes, and stains, you?ll see excellent results with waterproof vinyl flooring. Wear and protective layers make these floors perfect for even your busiest areas.

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