Hardwood flooring in Lakewood Ranch, FL from LG Kramer Flooring

Are you looking for character in your hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring is a great way to add stunning visuals to your home, from room to room. But like many homeowners, you'd like to add some character to specific spaces.

Thanks to various interior design options, there are many ways to add the character you want. Much will depend on your flooring style and your vision for your space.

Wide plank wood adds so much

Wide plank flooring options are unique, offering something more than standard widths. Wide boards reflect craftsmanship and quality and blend well with the decor.

Adding color to hardwood floors with wider planks can change the look of the space. And you can steer the appearance toward urban, rustic, formal, or sophisticated.

The character that comes with dark wood floors

For outstanding versatility, a wide, dark wood floor brings so much. Adding to a kitchen with bright cabinets makes the space feel bigger.

But it also adds a rich elegance not found in lighter colors. Adding a few area rugs to dark hardwood flooring can layer on even more character for stunning results.

Enjoy distressed wood and the character that comes with it

Distressed hardwood flooring choices come in various forms, including reclaimed pieces. Knotty wood also has a rustic appeal that's perfect for many spaces.

Many distressed options include hand-scraped and wire brushed. You'll want to see all your options as you browse for the perfect piece.

Choose your hardwood flooring character today

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