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How to keep luxury vinyl flooring clean and long-lasting

It's easy to choose the benefits and attributes found in luxury vinyl flooring. But once in place, it's essential to keep up maintenance for the best results long term.

Understanding cleaning requirements is an essential part of choosing the right flooring. The materials should match your need and your ability to care for the floors you wind up with.

Cleaning and lifespan go hand-in-hand

Daily sweep up loose debris and dirt to avoid surface scratching and dinginess. Then follow with a damp mop, using only manufacturer recommended cleaning solutions.

Cleaning and maintenance lead to a long lifespan with any floor covering. And keeping up maintenance on your vinyl plank flooring is as important as anything else.

Steam cleaning is a no-go for luxury vinyl

For deeper cleaning, refer to your manufacturer's guidelines or give us a call. We'll make sure your floors perform for as long as they should.

If you choose LVP or LVT flooring, it's essential to avoid all steam cleaning options. While the flooring is 100% waterproof, it can't withstand excessive heat levels.

What else should you know?

You should know luxury vinyl flooring can last over 20 years with professional installation. But maintenance plays a vital role in any LVP or LVT flooring lifespan, long or short.

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