Luxury vinyl flooring in Lakewood Ranch, FL from LG Kramer Flooring

How many years can I expect luxury vinyl flooring to last?

Luxury vinyl flooring
is an ideal surface that offers plenty of benefits. They are stunning, durable, and provide a reasonable lifespan.

Experiencing floors that last more than 20 years is common. And the more you find out about your options, the longer the lifespan you can have.

Excellent durability is a big part of lifespan

A durable floor covering will last longer, no matter how much traffic goes through your home. And these materials offer some impressive options.

You'll find scratch, scuff, and dent resistance wherever LVP or LVT flooring is installed. Even with children and pets in the home, your floors will look and perform better longer.

Luxury vinyl flooring
is also 100% waterproof, ensuring you never have to worry about water damage. It's a perfect addition to many rooms, especially those that are often damp, humid, or prone to spills.

Enjoy the longevity of luxury vinyl floors

With professional installation, you'll be able to enjoy all that these floors have to offer. Technicians will put years of experience and up-to-date equipment to work for you.

The installation takes a single day or less for most vinyl plank flooring. Once you select a material, we'll give you all the information about your service.

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