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Four FAQs on tile flooring

Tile flooring
is the perfect opportunity to meet all your flooring needs in the same place. It's an excellent choice for visuals, durability, and lifespan combined.

If you've never experienced tile before, we know you likely have some questions. And we have the answers to all your questions.

Some of the most popular tile flooring questions

1. Is tile a good choice for pets?

These floors are perfect if you have pets, offering outstanding durability. You'll see fewer stains, chips, cracks, and fading and a lifespan of more than 50 years.

2. Is it hard to keep porcelain and ceramic tile clean?

These floors are some of the easiest to keep clean. With great results, you'll only need a broom and a mop for most messes.

3. How long do tile floors last?

Tile flooring can last more than 50 years with a professional installation and regular care. Adding area rugs can help extend the lifespan even further.

4. How long does it take to install tile?

This answer depends on various things, including your product and format choices. Tile flooring installation can take about three days for an average space with typical factors.

Bring your needs for specific answers

If you have questions specific to your own needs, visit us. We'll consider all your questions on a personal basis.

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