Four benefits of prefinished hardwood flooring

Four benefits of prefinished hardwood flooring

If you love hardwood flooring but need a faster installation, consider prefinished materials and their benefits to your remodel. These options offer benefits you won't find in unfished or site-finished materials.

Prefinished choices make sense for many homeowners and are worth learning more about before you shop for your remodel. Here are some details that may be the information you need for an informed decision.

1. A faster installation ?
Prefinished materials allow a quicker installation process, even with acclimation time added. Since hardwood floors come with the stain color, texture, finish, and sealant already in place, we won?t have to add them during the installation.

2. A harder surface ?
You may not realize this when the floors are installed, but prefinished hardwood flooring is much harder than on-site finished floors. Several layers are added to the surface, so hard that refinishing services often take longer to sand through.

3. Stunning visual choices ?
You'll have plenty of beautiful visuals, including colors, textures, and formats. Finding a d?cor match is easy when you choose prefinished wood flooring in Lakewood Ranch, FL, for any room.

4. The same great lifespan ?
Solid wood floors are some of the longest-lasting floors in the industry. With professional installation, hardwood flooring can easily last more than 100 years.

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