Enjoy wood and stone looks with laminate flooring

Enjoy wood and stone looks with laminate flooring

Laminate is associated with an affordable, realistic, and beautiful alternative to genuine wood. I was also told recently that laminate flooring in a stone look is ?flying out the door.?

It's easy to see why. Over the years, it's been evolving with better graphics, improved seaming, and technology like embossing.

Even better, it has that feeling underfoot of a rigid hard surface?like wood or tile.

A deeper dive into style

Laminate flooring comes in many colors, styles, and designs. The images are taken digitally, so they're clear and accurate with knots, raised grains, textures, and veining and color variations.??

It?s great for any room in the house, including living spaces, bedrooms, and hallways.

Often referred to as ?laminate wood flooring," this is cut into planks, not sheets. Planks add to the realism.

They mimic hardwood floorboards or stone slabs.

That gives you even more design flexibility. An installer can arrange them in distinctive layouts, such as herringbone, diagonal, random width, etc.

About textures

These make a floor unique. Embossing allows manufacturers to create textured looks by machinery.

These include rustic ones, like wire-brushed, hand-scraped, and distressed.?

Embossed-in-register creates little indentations matching those in the image.??

Other laminate flooring advantages

  1. Durability. This is dent, scratch, and fade-resistant. Depending on quality and care, it can last up to 25 years.

The best laminate flooring is also at least 8 mm thick. A thicker surface is quieter, lasts longer, and is easier to carve.

  1. Low maintenance. This requires only regular sweeping and periodic mopping.
  2. Uncomplicated installation. The planks are installed via a floating floor, click, mat, and hover.??

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