Does herringbone installation work for luxury vinyl flooring?

Does herringbone installation work for luxury vinyl flooring?

When you choose luxury vinyl flooring in Lakewood Ranch, FL, you?ll find plenty of characteristics to take advantage of in every room. Beauty, performance, and longevity are all benefits you?ll find in this product line, along with many others.

You can customize these products with a unique installation layout. Here are some reasons why herringbone installation is a fantastic choice for these products.

Herringbone fits many d?cor styles

There are plenty of ways to implement the herringbone installation pattern, giving you a fantastic match for any d?cor scheme. So, this technique is perfect whether you're flooring a formal space with luxury vinyl flooring, such as a dining room or formal foyer, or a rustic area, like a bedroom or den.

To cater to all the different styles, consider blending in features like different stain colors, board widths and lengths, and textured finishes. Each one will change the look of the flooring and add tons of personality to the space.

A more durable surface

Many homeowners find these floors are more stable when arranged in a herringbone layout, adding excellent performance in busy spaces. Take time to consider the specific needs of the area to determine the vinyl plank flooring installation direction for the best results.

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