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Choose a beachy look for your hardwood flooring

Sometimes the best attribute of a new floor covering is how well it matches your existing d?cor. For example, if you have a beachy, weathered d?cor, a beachy hardwood flooring choice only makes sense.

There are several ways to get this look, and they all help create a stunning result that will last many years. Here are some considerations for creating the perfect look to match this d?cor style.

How to get a beachy hardwood flooring look

For the perfect beachy look, you'll want to choose a specific style, such as warm, weathered, or ocean bleached. Choose a species like oak for a warm look, whitewash it, and then use a UV finish to treat it.

Weathered looks come with gray visuals, with hardwood floors that differ in color, shade, and tone. And ocean-bleached visuals feature species with wide-width plank options and weathered, smooth edges that resemble driftwood.

Benefits of a beachy, coastal visual

There's nothing like having a warm ambiance with beachy visuals all year. It's a casual, blended look that matches so many d?cor schemes. Neutrals like beige, cream, coral, and blue, paired with sweeping windows, sheer curtains, and airy space, bring everything together.

Simplicity says more in some spaces than overdoing it with d?cor, color, and decorative values. Enjoy beachy hardwood floors that are uncluttered, unobstructed, and entirely your own.

We have the perfect beachy options for your hardwood flooring

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