Can you use grout with luxury vinyl flooring?

Can you use grout with luxury vinyl flooring?

One of the most beautiful forms of luxury vinyl flooring is the tile format, complete with various shapes, sizes, structures, and installation layouts. It's an excellent choice for many areas, but we're often asked if grouting is possible for luxury vinyl.

The answer is yes, and you can use grout with this product in much the same way as with natural tile. However, here are some facts that will be important if you decide to use grout.

Important vinyl grouting facts

You can use cement or epoxy grout when you choose to grout these products. While there is no need to seal cement grout for your vinyl plank flooring, doing so will protect the grout and ensure waterproof properties to inhibit moisture and bacteria growth.

Epoxy grout is strong, stain-resistant, colorfast, and waterproof, and you won?t need to mix it with anything if you choose a pre-mixed product. This product is more expensive than cement grout, but you'll likely find the results worth the extra budgeting.

Caring for grouted vinyl

Many of the maintenance requirements are the same for these floors, whether grouted or not, starting with sweeping debris daily. Take time to spot clean immediately and mop your luxury vinyl flooring once a week, clear of harsh or abrasive cleaners.

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