Can you have tile flooring without grout?

Can you have tile flooring without grout?

If tile flooring is your choice for new floors, you're in good company. These materials are popular, trendy, and offer exceptional benefits.

But some homeowners wonder if you can choose tile without grouting it. Here are some facts in answer to this question.

The quick answer for groutless tile

The fastest answer to the question of going groutless is that you shouldn't attempt it. If you're using luxury vinyl tiles, you won't have to worry about grout, but porcelain and ceramic tile need it.

Over time, tile shifts and grout help protect the pieces from one another. However, without grout, that shifting can create cracks and chips in new floors that become an eyesore as they increase.

What does grout do?

Grout?s primary job is to secure and stabilize the tile, ensuring the materials' lifespan. But it can also make up for minute differences in tile size.

Grout also ensures that dirt and debris are not caught between the tiles. Even if you set the pieces directly against one another, this can happen.

You can live with grout

There are plenty of grout options for your consideration. You can even choose from an array of colors to get the perfect look.

At our flooring company, choosing large format tiles can also reduce grout lines. But, again, speak with an associate about which rooms work best.

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