Hardwood flooring or carpet? Questions to ask.

Hardwood flooring or carpet? Questions to ask.

There are plenty of substantial differences between carpet and wood flooring in Lakewood Ranch, FL, which means one could serve you better. Understanding those differences is an essential first step for this flooring decision.

If you're trying to decide between carpet or hardwood flooring, you'll need some facts to stand on as you begin shopping for your remodel. So, here are some questions to ask to make your match more evident.

Which has a longer lifespan?

Hardwood flooring lasts decades longer than carpet, lasting more than 100 years with professional installation and regular upkeep. If you need this to be your final flooring installation, consider hardwood floors for your upcoming remodel.

Which is more comfortable?

Since carpet is the only soft surface floor covering on the market, it's far more comfortable underfoot than hardwood. Of course, you can always add plush area rugs to your hard surface flooring, but it may yield a different result for wall-to-wall comfort.

Which is easier to clean?

The ease of cleaning depends on the situation, as some stains and messes are more challenging to clean than others. For example, carpet flooring can require daily vacuuming and professional cleaning every year, while you'll need professional hardwood flooring refinished every decade to ensure a long lifespan.

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