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Four benefits of wide hardwood flooring

You?ll want a product that meets your requirements and preferences to find the best hardwood flooring for your home. But how can you do that with so many options to choose from?

The best plan is to work from your place of need, basing your floors on your list of requirements. Here are four benefits of wide plank hardwood flooring that could help you choose the perfect products.

1. Rooms look bigger ?
Boards range from five to twelve inches on average, and when combined with different lengths, they can make small rooms look much more extensive. In addition, the illusion created by these hardwood floors works well in areas that need more space.

2. Fewer seams ?
The fewer seams in a wood floor, the less interruption you?ll experience in the wood?s natural visual appeal. The result is a more realistic look with impressive looks for any room.

3. Increased property value ?
All hardwood flooring increases the value of your home and property, but wide planks are highly desirable. Whether selling your home or building your equity, it?s a winning situation.

4. Faster installation ?
Filling a room with wide planks will take less time than thin ones. This wood flooring in Lakewood Ranch, FL, not only allows you to walk on your floors sooner, but it can also save on installation costs.

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