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Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice in Bradenton, FL, and surrounding areas, offering benefits that will serve you well. These products have exceptional visual appeal, outstanding durability, and an extensive lifespan, especially compared to other materials. You'll find plenty of reasons to choose wood floors for your home.

If you're new to the hardwood product line, you'll need more information to make an informed flooring decision. The good news is that we have plenty of facts and products to give you the floors you need. So, here are some facts about hardwood flooring that can help with your remodel.

Choosing the perfect hardwood flooring 

Each homeowner has a specific set of requirements, which means only specific products will meet the need. For example, you might want to focus on the most stunning décor match, while another homeowner wants the highest durability possible. The good news is that there is hardwood flooring to fit any need, and we'll help you find yours.

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Moving to the installation service

Once you choose the perfect materials, the next step is a professional installation. Some materials take longer to install than others, including hardwood flooring installation. This multi-step process is vital because it ensures the best performance and lifespan results.

The first step in the installation process is taking measurements of all the spaces where we will install your new hardwood. Next, we'll give you an estimate for products and time. The acclimation service is next, which can take one to three days, depending on the humidity levels in your home and the atmosphere.

Finally, the actual installation can begin. We'll give you all the details so you know what to expect. If you have questions about your hardwood flooring installation, feel free to ask while you’re here.
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Beautiful Hardwood flooring in Hardwood flooring in Bradenton, FL from LG Kramer Flooring

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LG Kramer Flooring is a great place to find the flooring that serves you and your entire household, regardless of your remodel size. We work with you to meet your requirements and preferences for the most successful floors. Our associates are here to help you through the process, from product selection through installation and beyond.

You can visit our hardwood flooring store in Lakewood Ranch, FL, to find the perfect materials whenever you're in the area. We're your one-stop flooring shop when you need hardwood flooring in Bradenton, FL. Our service areas include:

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