Dustless Tile Removal Services

Now Introducing...

LG Kramer Flooring Is now offering a cleaner, healthier,  & faster solution for tile removal!

 " I Want My Project Done! " 

Lets talk bluntly for a moment. Construction in your home can really "blow!"


By choosing to go dustless in your tile removal project you are choosing a route that will remove your tile 3-5 times faster than traditional removal methods.


Stop wishing and let us help shorten your project time! 


 "I want the cleaner option!" 

Lance the owner of LG Kramer Flooring did not spare any expense when it comes to protecting his team's, and customer's health!


Therefore he invested in the top-of-the-line equipment! These HEPA filters capture over 99% of the cement and tile dust before it becomes airborne!


Keeping the air that you and your family breath free of harmful chemicals!

" I Want A Healthier Option"! 


With our state-of-the-art demolition equipment we can safely and carefully remove your old tile floors.

This process is safer, faster, clearner, and quieter. Allowing you to get back to the ones that matter! 



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