Carpet rolls ready for installation in a Lakewood Ranch, FL home

What to expect on carpet installation day

When it?s time for your carpet installation, there are some things you can expect on the service date, making the process quicker and easier for all involved. In today's blog post, we will tell you more about what you can expect, so read along now.

We take your carpet installation seriously

By the time installation day arrives, all the measurements will have been taken, estimates given, and a time frame laid out so that you?ll know about when we will be finished. But what else can you expect?

Furniture removal usually takes a bit of time, and you can hasten the process by moving it yourself before your installation team ever arrives. You may want to do this anyway, especially if you have vintage or heirloom pieces.

Once your team begins work, you?ll notice they remove the trim and molding first to gain access to the flush edge of your flooring. They will also check door clearance and may need to remove the doors to get the proper clearance for your new flooring.

Installing the carpet requires precision, seam connection, stretching, and more, so your team will take all the time necessary to ensure your results are perfect. If you have questions, feel free to visit us for more information.

We provide your best carpet and all the services required

LG Kramer Flooring is your go-to resource when you need a trustworthy carpet store in Lakewood Ranch, FL. We not only provide all the material necessary, but we also provide the services and information that give you the successful results you need.

If you are a resident of Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Longboat Key, or Naples, FL, we invite you to visit our showroom in Lakewood Ranch, FL?at your convenience. You're sure to find the best carpet for your needs, and we'll make sure that all your requirements are met.