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Modern trends in waterproof flooring designs

As we welcome a new era of home design in Lakewood Ranch, FL, it's clear that waterproof flooring is not just a practical choice but a stylish one, too. This versatile flooring option has evolved, embracing modern trends while offering unmatched durability and ease of maintenance. Here's a look at what's currently trending with waterproof flooring in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

Sophisticated wood-look styles

A leading trend in waterproof vinyl flooring is the realistic representation of wood. Thanks to advanced printing techniques, you can now enjoy the classic elegance of traditional hardwood without worrying about water damage or high maintenance. From the deep tones of walnut to the light hues of oak, these vinyl options add a touch of sophistication to any space.

Stone and ceramic impressions

Another sought-after design in waterproof vinyl flooring mimics the look of stone and ceramic tiles. These designs offer the luxurious appearance of natural stone and ceramic at a more affordable price point. They're particularly popular in bathrooms and kitchens in Lakewood Ranch homes, where they withstand humidity and spills with ease.

Dynamic patterns and textures

Modern waterproof floors aren't just about mimicking natural materials; it's also about embracing bold patterns. Geometric designs, chevron, and herringbone patterns are making a statement, providing an opportunity to add a contemporary and unique touch to your living spaces.

Luxury vinyl options

Luxury vinyl flooring brings an extra layer of elegance and quality. These products offer enhanced textures and finishes, creating a more authentic and luxurious feel underfoot. They're a perfect combination of practicality and high-end appeal, suitable for any room in your home.

Eco-conscious and sustainable

With growing environmental awareness, more homeowners are opting for sustainable flooring options. Modern waterproof flooring often incorporates recycled materials and is produced using eco-friendly methods, aligning with our community's values of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Trending color choices

When it comes to color, cool and soothing tones are in vogue. Grays, soft blues, and gentle greens reflect the calm and serene lifestyle of Lakewood Ranch. These colors not only offer a contemporary edge to your home but also create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.

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Waterproof flooring is a top choice for Lakewood Ranch residents, combining style, durability, and practicality. Whether you prefer the timeless look of wood and stone or the more modern patterns and colors, the latest trends in waterproof vinyl flooring design have something for everyone. Visit LG Kramer Flooring to explore our extensive range of waterproof floors. Our flooring store in Lakewood Ranch, FL, serves Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Sarasota, Longboat Key, and Parrish, FL.