Luxury vinyl plank flooring installation in a Bradenton, FL home

Why is luxury vinyl flooring so popular?

If you've researched luxury vinyl flooring at all, you know how trendy the materials are, but you might not know why. In today's post, we will tell you a few of the characteristics these floors are known for, so you?ll have a better idea about their popularity.

Vinyl plank flooring offers so much

Luxury vinyl plank flooring offers visuals that mimic real solid hardwood flooring, including the many species types, colors, and textures you?ll find in the real thing. That means if you want wood-look flooring in the basement, there?s no problem accommodating the need, as these floors offer 100% waterproof options as well.

However, you can choose the appearance of all-natural stone with the same attributes as found in nature. These are a perfect addition for more formal spaces, such as dining rooms, libraries, and entryways.

Another high-value feature found in these floors is the extensive protection from wear available in the top wear layer, which protects against scuffs, scratches, dents, and stains, leaving you with great-looking floors for years to come. When combined with the many other features available, you?ll find these become incredibly popular in your home as well, so be sure to shop today.

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